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A bit of a hitch

A Bit of a Hitch is a new play which we first performed in November 2012. It has quickly established itself as a firm favourite in our repertoire. So far we have performed Hitch some 350 times in Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain and even Algiers where we were invited to perform in the European Theatre Festival organised by The British Council in May where we ended up, a little to our surprise, representing the UK.

A Bit of a Hitch is a fast moving, screwball comedy which manages to be irreverent with the classic Hitch oeuvre while still remaining respectful and fond.

The three actors between them play a multitude of different characters as we go in and out of most of the famous Hitchcockian moments: although not always in the way you may remember.

If you know the films of Hitchcock you’ll probably guess the sources but you don’t have to know a single one to fully enjoy our tale.

A Bit of a Hitch is fast (did we mention that?), oddball, sometimes surreal, unashamedly romantic at times; and above all funny.

A bit of a Hitch Mystery
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